Introduction for therapists

The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop’s aim is to act as a global conduit connecting therapists and counsellors to clients, to offer an unparalleled breadth of support and concomitant opportunities for both parties. 

The secondary but equally important aim is to make therapy a truly universal service i.e. unrestricted by geographic, cultural and linguistic barriers or bound by traditional ‘office hours’.  

Facilitated by the TOSPS website, our therapist and counsellor members can now provide real-time face to face therapy from the privacy of their own offices or homes.

Using the most current, accessible and user friendly media platforms, the TOSPS system synchronises perfectly with the demands on time of modern day living. You will be able to deliver therapy to the site’s visitors using bespoke two-way software designed specifically to heighten interaction and smooth the counsellor/client interface. Crystal clear sound and vision will enable you to engage with new clients online and grow your client base in a uniquely modern and cost effective manner.

Our core mission is to establish a strong brand name with an allied reputation for quality and honesty of service amongst our users and the wider industry. The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop logo will instil a feeling of assurance amongst the clients that professional therapists and counsellors are available to them instantaneously to provide face to face therapy via the platform of their choosing. 

Such a reputation can only be attained by creating and then growing our database of therapists. We need your help to do this.  Our company will only engage with professionals who share our vision and commitment to excellence; those who are looking to be in the vanguard of taking therapy forward by embracing new technologies in full recognition of their abilities, to enhance the delivery of therapy sessions in a way that market research has shown is now expected, if not demanded, by the public. 

We believe that our innovative approach is pioneering and we are actively seeking therapists and counsellors from around the globe to embark on this exciting journey with us.

We both recognise and champion the old business adage that ‘time is money’. We carry out the day to day site administration leaving you free to grow your practice using a system compatible with your professional standing and working routine and utilising equipment which many, if not all, practitioners already own and use.

Time is not only a scarce and therefore valuable commodity for practitioners; the same restrictions apply to potential clients. The opportunities open to address health issues are hampered by factors such as increased working hours and perhaps more importantly,overrun and under-resourced health services. The 9-5 regime is not compatible with many people lives today and so we offer a convenient and controlled alternative.

TOSPS will be continually developing, investigating, testing and then integrating new trends of digital marketing to promote your services. We will use your experiences and suggestions and those proffered by the clients to drive improvements inline with our quality analysis.

From the moment you become a member of TOSPS, you will have the complete freedom to structure your availability; we place no restrictions on you - you can use us as your main point of business or tailor access to support other revenue streams. 

We do not suggest that we are the originators of online consultative services or that counselling practitioners aren’t already offering such services. Rather we contend that the uniqueness of our approach is the fact that we act as a global referring tool. Our clients aren’t forced to plough through endless web pages or directories to source a suitable therapist nor do they have the worry of engaging someone with questionable bona fides.

Our ‘online’ indicators clearly display which practitioners are available to assist. This simple but effective method acts in tandem with other menu options such as the opportunity to pre-book a therapy session, thus affording an unparalleled level of service to both parties. 

We would contend as fair comment that the needs of those seeking online therapy are barely met at present. It follows naturally that the opportunities for practitioners to provide such services are similarly as scant. We ask you to become a member of TOSPS and help us make therapy and counselling more readily available. 

We would invite you to view the considerable advantages and benefits we offer our registered members as listed on our ‘Benefits to therapists’ page’. They are numerous to be recounted here but we are confident that they reflect excellent value for you.

We look forward to welcoming you on board with us as we grow and develop the future of the online therapy services in partnership.