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Sandra Wright

21 Dec

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'Endings...Life is full of them, mine included...'

Endings with clients is an amazing  experience for those who stay the course.....seeing a smiling and confident face leave the premises for the last time leaves me with an endearing smile and a warm feeling inside. A client who left about a month ago recently wrote to me and gave me permission to quote her in my blog....."I look at life situations with a completely different, calmer attitude, and now whenever I am confronted with difficult situations, I can use all my techniques that I have learned...When I started to feel ready to look at finishing my was a mixture of emotions; proud of myself for getting to a better place, however sad for having to say goodbye to someone who had given me so much support and changed my life for the better... I found the experience life-changing...I have reached my end goal, which I thought I would never do, I also have become happier in my every day life."

What do I have to say to this client and the many others I have seen...'Well done. You committed yourself to a process of discovering your own potential and finding your own answers.'  

Together we carefully took off a lot of the sticky plasters which covered the many wounds. Some of them grazes; some of them deep and painful. You learned how to notice, listen to and nurture yourself which enabled the healing process. It is not to say that this is it, you are now the perfect creation, but it is fair to say that this process can recycle itself whenever it is needed.