Diana Selak-O'Reilly

09 Mar

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Keep safe on St. Patrick’s Day

Keep safe on St. Patrick’s Day

On St Patrick's Day you can become part of a big green family regardless of your nationality, religious beliefs or skin colour. The whole world turns Green, even the Smurfs turn into leprechauns. It’s a great day to be in Ireland. The atmosphere is festive, children’s excitement is catching, town parades provide entertainment for every age, people meet up with friends and family in pubs, have some grub and listen to live traditional music etc... It’s beautiful.

On the other side however, crimes shoots up to eight times the norm, police make more arrests than on any other day in the year, 700 tourists on average reported being mugged, it is one of the busiest days in hospital ER rooms ( hospital waiting times are on average five times longer with alcohol related incidents being the main factor).  It’s advisable to people not to walk alone as this time in the year is pick time for predators and rape crime. If you are planning to have a late night out, make sure you have organised transport home, do not leave without your friends, have a glass of water in between drinks and possibly some food. Keep safe!