Heather Campbell

20 Jun

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What's kindness got to do with losing weight?

I recently read a heart-warming book by David Hamilton, called "I Heart Me".  In it he emphasises the importance of learning to love yourself which is an alien concept to a lot of us.  Part of my 6 week course involves looking at ways to be kind to yourself as the Keep It Off weight loss plan is all about self-compassion and kindness which is much more effective than the usual basis of deprivation, shaming and punishment behind most diets.  We are usually quite good at being kind and loving towards others but when I ask people how they can be kind to themselves I am met with blank faces.   Have you ever considered how important it is to be kind to yourself?  

Most diets make us think of restriction and deprivation that puts us into a punitive mind-set.  However, this is not conducive to lasting change.  If you’ve got children, or worked with them you might have realised that they respond much better to rewards rather than punishment and we are no different.  So rather than berating yourself if you have gone off track, try thinking instead of what you have managed to achieve today.  How can you reward yourself for these positive changes?  It doesn’t have to be a huge reward, but remember to choose something other than food or drink!  What about getting your nails done, or giving yourself permission to curl up with a good book for an hour?  

If the concept of 'loving yourself' is a long way off at present, why not start with a little kindness towards yourself?  Surely everyone deserves at least that? Share your ideas of how you practised self-kindness here to inspire others...