25 Jun

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This lady STARTED singing in her CAR on 1st May AND IS STILL SINGING EVERY MORNING :!! WOW .

An afternoon with an inspiring lady

On a wonderful hot and sunny day we had the pleasure of talking to a very inspiring lady who has, out of a fun idea, started a fantastic campaign to fight the stigma of mental health.  Bernadette Bruckner, Director of The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop, Karen Goodson and Bethan Hayes were joined by Camilla Lewington who has a passion for singing and says that she uses music to lift her up if she’s feeling a bit low. She has a fantastic band – Camilla Lewington Just Shut up & Dance- and an incredible voice. In May she had been watching lots of challenges on social media, 21 day challenges and she thought it would be fun to do this herself. After singing her heart out on the way to the gym and of course then feeling really motivated after, she had a light bulb moment . . . to sing in her car for 21 days and video herself, posting on social media for something fun. However Camilla is not one to just do things for no reason, no she wanted to create something purposeful out of this . . . this is where the #beattheblues campaign was born.

Camilla radiates happiness as we speak to her and she makes us feel motivated and excited about the cause. On day 1 she had 50 views and was so humbled by this, by day 2 this jumped to 600, by day 21 people were begging her not to stop. So she has continued and has an aim to make the #beattheblues campaign huge in stamping out stigma. She has sung with her daughter in the car, dressed up for charity and even had guest stars in her car and we have the pleasure of seeing her belt out amazing songs and helping people everyday #beattheblues

So what motivates Camilla to continue? Her answer is very simple, she knows many people affected by mental health issues and bullying, as well as having battled some low days herself, some people have had a positive outcome, some sadly not and she just wants to make a difference.  Camilla’s favourite saying is “People crazy enough to think they can change the world will” We think this is just the start for Camilla and the #beattheblues campaign and we really think that she will make a change and we would love to come along for the ride so keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming.


Why not check out her campaign