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27 Jun

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Top Tips for Long Term Weight Loss

There are hundreds of tips I could share to help you to lose weight, many of which I'm sure you will have heard before.  Different things work for different people so it's good to have a whole toolbox of techniques to dip into but people often ask me what my top 5 tips are that are the key to maintaining weight loss, so here they are;

  1.  Eat mindfully - this involves only every eating when sitting down and really focussing on tasting and enjoying the food you are eating, taking more time over each bite.
  2. Look at a photo of yourself when you were slimmer - DO NOT look at the 'fat' photo!  Whatever you focus on is where you go towards so focus on where you'd like to be, not on what you want to get away from.  If you have never been your ideal or 'happy' weight then take a moment to visualise your ideal weight, what would you be wearing, where would you be, what would you be doing and most important of all, how would you be feeling?  Look at this photo or visualisation regularly to keep you focussed on where you are going.
  3. Reward yourself - Let go of these punishing, critical beliefs and focus on what you have achieved or done well instead.  Start a reward jar and pop 50p or even 20p in it every time you take the stairs, go for a walk, resist a craving, etc and plan what you are going to treat yourself to when you reach a certain target.  This could be a nice candle or getting your nails done or even a quiet hour with a good book.  Remember though, rewards shouldn't be food or drink.
  4. Speaking of targets, set a small target of 5lbs only to focus on - Even if your overall goal is to lose much more than 5lbs, keeping focussed on only losing 5lbs at a time keeps us accountable and connected to our target rather than feeling overwhelmed and put off by thinking of the 2/5/10 stone you want to lose.  There is no time limit to losing this 5lbs, slow and steady is the aim, but reward yourself once you've reached it and then move on to your next 5lb target and repeat the process, taking encouragement and confidence each time that you are moving closer to your goal, one small, achievable step at a time
  5. Get back on track instantly - when you experience a hiccup and eat more than you planned to, get right back on track instantly.  Don't wait until Monday, or even the next day.  Choose not to step into that downward spiral.  You've eaten more than you wanted to, so what?  You'll find that people who maintain their 'happy' weight consistently spend less time beating themselves up over what they've eaten so remember; EAT > ENJOY > MOVE ON!

Try each of these tips and you will soon start to notice the weight disappearing.

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