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Graham J Stuart

08 Nov

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What is Ho'oponopono and How can it help Me?

What is Ho'oponopono?

With Modern Ho'oponopono combined with hypnosis you can take 100% control of your life because you are able to clear away the negative ideas, feelings and energy that block you from abundance!

Do you ever tell yourself (or think to yourself) any of these things?

"I wish I could do that"
"For me, it's impossible"
"I don't have the skill"
"I'm not smart enough"
“I don’t have the experience”
"I'll never have what I need"
"I'll never be wealthy or successful"
"I'm too out of shape"
"I'm unattractive"
"I'll always fail"
"No one loves me"
"I'm a loser"
"My ideas never work"
"I'm sick all of the time"
“I don’t know who can help me”

….and many more limiting beliefs?

If so, you are actually programming yourself for failure – because whatever you tell yourself or think to yourself….the answer is always “YES”.

About Ho'oponopono

Modern Ho'oponopono is an adaptation of an ancient Hawaiian problem-solving technique that allows practitioners and subjects working with therapeutic or wellness providers to emotionally and mentally let go of conscious and subconscious memory.

During this process, practitioners are able to connect to experience a euphoric awakening, connecting to the divine to receive inspiration while clearing away limiting beliefs.

Ho'oponopono uses a 4-phrase mantra combined with a mindset shift you'll learn in this certification course to clean the data of our memories and help us retake 100% responsibility for everything in life, good, bad, and indifferent.

Unlocking the Power of Ho'oponopono - Discover the path you'll follow to become a proficient certified practitioner of Ho'oponopono, utilizing the time-tested mantra, prayers, cleaning tools, and meditations in modern practice.

Traditional Ho'oponopono Practice - Uncover the historical foundations of mental cleansing as you learn to bring the restorative and corrective power of Ho'oponopono into relationships among people, families, between subjects and goals, and more through divine interconnection.