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Graham J Stuart

08 Nov

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Simple Life Coaching Lessons

Simple Lessons of Wisdom from Your Inner Guru

- You were not born to be ordinary – find your purpose

- Life sometimes isn’t fair, but it’s still good – if you just take time to
notice the good parts.

- When in doubt, take a deep breath- and then use your intuition to make
the next small step.

- Open your mind to the possibility – that there is something bigger than you.

- Life is short and your time is limited – so make sure you enjoy it.

- Your job won’t take care of you in times of need – but your friends and
family will.

- Don’t focus on the outside, buying stuff that you don’t need – it just gets
in the way.

- It’s not important to win every argument for the sake of it– but it is
important to stay true to yourself.

- Save for the things that really matter – and enjoy them.

- Make peace with your past, forgive and let go - so it won’t screw up the

- Stop comparing your life to others - you have no idea what their journey
is all about.

- If a relationship has to be a secret - you shouldn’t be in it.

- Everything can change in the blink of an eye - so value show gratitude
and appreciate every moment.

- Remember to take a deep breath - it calms the mind.

- Get rid of anything that isn’t useful. Clutter and baggage weighs you
down and holds you back

- Nothing will change – unless YOU change

- When it comes to going after what you really love in life – never take
no for an answer.

- It’s never too late to be happy – it’s in your own hands.

- There is no past, there is no future, there is only “now” - so burn the
candles - use the nice sheets- wear the best clothes - show people you
care - be grateful - and enjoy.

- Be eccentric and a little crazy now - don’t wait for old age to wear
bright colours.

- Frame every unwanted situation or so-called disaster with these
words - ‘In five years, will this matter?’

- If it’s not working – do something else

- Forgive and learn - but you don’t have to forget.

- What other people think of you is none of your business.

- Don’t waste your time taking yourself so seriously - no one else does.

- Don’t over analyse life – just show up and make the most of it now.

- Growing old is better than the alternative — dying young.

- Enjoy every moment - your children get only one childhood.

- All that truly matters in the end is that you loved – and you were loved.

- Go outside every day - look around for opportunities - and notice that
miracles are waiting everywhere for you.

- If we all put our problems in a big pile - and then compared it with
everyone else’s pile – we would probably grab ours back.

- Envy is a waste of time and saps your energy - accept what you
already have - not what you think you need.

- Life isn’t a bed to lay down in – it’s a ladder to climb

- The best is yet to come – focus on what you DO want - not on what you
DON’T want.

- No matter how you feel- get up - dress up - show up – and make a

- Life isn’t tied with ribbons and bows - and sometimes it’s tough - but
it’s still a wonderful gift.

To Your happiness and Success, Graham Stuart