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Graham J Stuart

08 Nov

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The Law of Attraction - in Easy Terms

Aside from therapeutic interventions, there are some powerful personal development tools and techniques you can learn to enhance your wellbeing.

One of them is the Law Of Attraction. People refer to the phenomenon of Law of Attraction in different ways, such as; Fate, Synchronicity, Karma or Serendipity. Essentially, The Law of Attraction teaches that in order to manifest a desire, you must first achieve the vibration of that desire. When say or think about something good it makes you feel good = positive vibration.

“You attract into your life and business, whatever you give your focus and attention to – either positive or negative”.

Your thoughts and feelings (or a mood) create vibrational Energy = activity. This is because you are connected to all the energy in the universe by your very existence. All the thoughts we think and actions you take affect something else. We are all affected by each other.

You are like a human magnet and the energy you have released (negative or positive) immediately attracts other vibrational energy that is the same “like attracts like”. And as that energy gathers more energy like itself, it keeps growing and gaining momentum. This momentum causes events and opportunities to show up in your life that are related to your thoughts and feelings, because the energy of those events and opportunities that are showing up is attracted to what you are thinking, feeling or doing.

If you consistently allow yourself to experience negative thoughts and feelings, then negative situations will arise in your life. If you consistently allow yourself to experience positive thoughts and feelings, that is what will come into your life by way of opportunities for you to act upon.

“The Law of Attraction can be described as the law of vibrational energy”!

Positive thought/feeling → energy → more energy → opportunity → positive action → harmony

Negative thought/feeling → energy → more energy → event → lack of positive action → discord

The Law of Attraction is constantly working to attract either negative things or positive things you’re your life. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, it’s just a scientific fact.

When you combine Law of Attraction coaching with personal development and hypnosis you can change the limiting beliefs and unwanted negative subconscious habits that are holding you back.

Just imagine if you could attract “less of what you DON’T want, and more of what you DO want!