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17 Nov Crossing International Borders

posted by Bernadette Crossing International Borders

It’s been a little while since we checked in to give you all an update on how things are progressing with the team at the One Stop Psychotherapy Shop, so today I thought it would be a good idea to let you know about international developments and how we are now moving towards being a truly international provider of “online psychotherapy”  

For those of you who have been following our progress into the world of online therapy and video counselling, you will already be aware that our service is aimed at providing treatment without borders and in the last few weeks the One Stop Psychotherapy Shop, has truly become an international provider of online video counselling.

We have seen a spike of enquiries from a number of countries around the world from clients who are seeking late night instant counselling sessions, our research tells us that the vast majority of people who find us are in need of instant access to counselling and psychotherapy and thankfully they are managing to find and connect with us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our research also tells us that we are not just crossing international lines with countries just like the UK, but we are crossing borders into countries from all parts of the cultural spectrum, people in need of late night instant counselling sessions and who are specifically looking for online video counselling and psychotherapy come from counties such as:

·         America

·         Canada

·         Australia

·         China

·         Russia

·         India

·         France

·         Brazil

·         Spain

·         Germany

·         Malaysia

·         Austria

One interesting statistic that has caught our eye at head office, is the fact that since the result of the US election on the 9th of November, we have seen the number of visitors from the USA almost triple overnight and that number has remained static for a week.

Our aim is to become a world leader when it comes to providing online therapy and counselling, and to do this we need the support of people like you, we would like to thank each and every person who uses the site, whether you are a client or a therapist providing counselling and therapy online, and we look forward to sharing with you news of our continued growth and success in the months to come.



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24 Oct

Our friends over at the web site posted this informative article concerning life insurance for mental health patients

posted by Bernadette

Our friends over at  the web site  " Doesn't grow on trees"  posted this informative article concerning life insurance for mental health patients. 

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24 Oct

Our friends over at the web site " Doesn't grow on trees" posted this informative article concerning life insurance for menta

posted by Bernadette

Our friends over at  the web site  " Doesn't grow on trees"  posted this informative article concerning life insurance for mental health patients. 

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28 Aug

Half Day Practical Cyber Security Course: Tailored towards Counsellors and Practitioners of Therapy.

posted by administrator

Half Day Practical Cyber Security Course: Tailored towards Counsellors and Practitioners of Therapy. 

Price inclusive of certificate of attendance: £75.00  


Price inclusive of certificate of attendance plus test and security certificate & seal  £95.00    

 Location Stratford upon Avon                :  9. a.m to 1.30  on “23rd September 2016

The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop Ltd, has worked hard and listened to the needs of many therapists to bring together the content for this quality-endorsed, Cyber Seal of Security certification  course, designed to meet the needs of Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Therapists wishing to achieve higher levels of security in their work. The certification will encompass the work stations and other devices used in the provision of online video counselling services. If you are not 100% sure about the security of your work station at home or in the work place then this workshop is for you. Don't worry if you know a little or a lot about security on your PC or Laptop we will advance your knowledge weather you are a pro or a starter. 

We offer practitioners of online video counselling and therapies, the opportunity to gain Cyber Security certification..  Our Cyber Security accredited assessment will help therapists to exceed the basic standards laid out in the general guide by Cyber Essentials. Our prestigious seal is a beacon of excellence for therapists to display and is a trusted seal in client confidentiality within the online video counselling industry.

Course will cover:

Safety online protecting your clients’ data classification

Data protection (HIPAA Compliancy)

Skype v Web RTC (Real time communication) fundamental dangers between free skype counselling calls and Web Real time communication secured video calls

Encryption, what it is and how to apply it to files and folders

Spyware, all about spyware.

Passwords, how to make great passwords and implement password systems

Viruses, common viruses, how they work

Firewalls, what are they and how to set one up

E mail security, a look at email security

Web pages security HTTP v HTTPS

Geek and terms,

Cyber security seal certification test ( delegates taking the  test can now decide to sit the test or make arrangements with us to take the test from their workplace or home.)


Numbers are limited for this very popular course so early reservations are much appreciated:

 E Mail:  info@tosps to find out more information or book a place.


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11 Jul


posted by Bernadette


posted by TOSPS

New Changes to our web site and launch of new courses coming this summer and winter at Tosps 

We have listened carefully to the needs of our members and worked hard to implement some new modules and changes on the web site.

New courses coming soon at TOSPS

Tosps will be launching its series of new training courses across a wide variety of topics this Summer.

Starting in July at the Isbourne Holistic center in cheltenham we will roll out our bespoke cyber security course to counsellors working online. Please see our forthcoming events page for more details.

During August we will see the launch of the "Without prejudices" 6 week course, covering workshops on how to deal with your own prejudices and client prejudices, this deep and taboo subject with cover counseling in multicultural society, nationwide and overseas

Our train the trainer courses will launch in September and I will write in more detail about this endorsed course shortly.

Also in September we are launching a workgroup for young people 17 to 21 to teach them adult life skills and offer a safe place to meet to be taught essential skills like banking, baking, form filling, and all the essential practical skills that so often do not get taught in school or in the home. watch out for more information on this.

Our web site has also recently developed a new module that will allow your clients to contact you with any questions they might have for you prior to making a booking with you, clients will also be able to send you a file and you can respond to them instantly to help secure the booking. The new module will be found on your profile page under your blogs, but a link to it will be clearly displayed under your green "book this therapist" link

The launch of our new Cyber security seal award certificate and exam is now on the site, you can take the test any time just click on the link for cyber security. 

Why not visit our Cyber education hub and learn more about internet security .

Members will also notice in their admin area that they can now set their payment currency into different foreign currencies. making it easier for them to accept payment in euro and usd along will all major currencies.


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21 Dec

'Endings...Life is full of them, mine included...'

posted by Sandra Wright

Endings with clients is an amazing  experience for those who stay the course.....seeing a smiling and confident face leave the premises for the last time leaves me with an endearing smile and a warm feeling inside. A client who left about a month ago recently wrote to me and gave me permission to quote her in my blog....."I look at life situations with a completely different, calmer attitude, and now whenever I am confronted with difficult situations, I can use all my techniques that I have learned...When I started to feel ready to look at finishing my was a mixture of emotions; proud of myself for getting to a better place, however sad for having to say goodbye to someone who had given me so much support and changed my life for the better... I found the experience life-changing...I have reached my end goal, which I thought I would never do, I also have become happier in my every day life."

What do I have to say to this client and the many others I have seen...'Well done. You committed yourself to a process of discovering your own potential and finding your own answers.'  

Together we carefully took off a lot of the sticky plasters which covered the many wounds. Some of them grazes; some of them deep and painful. You learned how to notice, listen to and nurture yourself which enabled the healing process. It is not to say that this is it, you are now the perfect creation, but it is fair to say that this process can recycle itself whenever it is needed.


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30 Nov


posted by Sandra Wright

I've noticed....that when I integrate clients 'noticing' themselves during a session....exactly that happens! They notice and get in touch with themselves for the first time in possibly a long time. Amazing stuff!

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16 Nov

Reflections on my first counselling session

posted by Steven Smyth-Bonfield

Reflections on my first counselling session

I was at university and my life was coming apart. Bad things had happened and many of them seemed to be my fault. I was most profoundly not coping. When I finally broke down, in pain and shame, in my tutor's office, he was kind (if confused) and he wondered if I might benefit from counselling.

On the way to my first appointment I remember my nervousness and my fear. I worried that the counsellor might tell me I was going mad or, worse, that they would find my troubles trivial or pathetic.

In common with most of the counselling services I have known, the entrance was an anonymous back door in a building that mostly housed other things. I doubted I was even in the right place, but then Sue came to the door and greeted me with my name and a smile. I think I'd rehearsed how I would start and I remember my first few words, but the rest of the session dissolves into a blur of impressions.

I emerged out of that room, blinking in the light, exhausted, but feeling something I had almost forgotten. I was feeling hope.  

The counselling I received in the following months helped me to bring my life back on course; to continue my studies; and to grow beyond the pain and self doubt that had been my constant companions.
I'm sure it also informed my choice years later to become a counsellor myself.

I look forward to meeting new clients and work always in the hope that I can offer them what Sue offered me: hope in a dark, unhappy or uncertain time.
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30 Oct


posted by TOSPS Superuser

Lying on your therapist's couch might be a thing of the past. Why bother, when you could duke it out with your depression by the pool? Online-based therapy could help patients overcome barriers to treatment like long distances to clinics, long waiting times or the fear of stigma associated with seeking treatment for depression. And new research shows it can be just as useful to reduce depression as in-person treatments.

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05 Oct

Just like Plumbing

posted by Steven Smyth-Bonfield

Just like Plumbing

My counselling practice is based in the small town where I live so there is always a good chance I will bump into my clients in the street. In order to reassure them, I tend to address this in our first session, saying, "I'm always happy to stop and say hello, but I'll wait for you to make the first move. Just so you can choose."

In a recent session, however, after I said this, my client looked confused and said, "choose?"

So I elaborated: "In case you're embarrassed to speak to me or to explain who I am."

"Don't be daft," he said. "I'm not embarrassed about introducing the guy who does my plumbing."

And that was that.

Some people don't want to say hi to their counsellor on the street. There is no reason why they should, but I do like the idea that contacting a counsellor is no different from calling in any other skilled person. If my lights don't work I ring an electrician. If my feelings are difficult, I call a counsellor.

My clients' emotional lives have become blocked in some way; or the ground they are on has subsided and they need shoring up. My job is to help them get back to a state where their thoughts and feeling are reliable, safe and secure again. Our minds are mysterious and our emotions can be strange, but the work I do is not magic or even rocket science.

Nonetheless, it is a really good idea to call in a tradesman or woman when things go wrong.  
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