Cyber education hub

How do I know this site is secure and confidential?
The first thing you should consider before discussing or entering your personal details on any website is to check that the site has HTTPS status. The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop is a secure HTTPS website and you can see this in the address bar of your web browser – this is the international standard denotation for a secure website.  
What does it mean when a therapist has a security seal next to their picture?

At TOSPS we believe that our website security is important and so is the security of your data and the content of your video counselling via our services. Each therapist who has undertaken and passed our internet security test is identified by adding a security seal to their image so you can identify those that operate their online practice in a digitally safe manner.  
Why should my therapist’s online security be important to me?

Your data is important to you and to TOSPS! When you engage one of our therapists we provide you with a peer to peer (P2P) video service. This means we connect your device to that of your therapist through a data tunnel. That tunnel is extremely secure but the only weak links are at each end of the chain, at your device and that of your therapist. Whilst we here at TOSPS have taken every precaution we will not know what security standards you have on your own personal PC or Laptop.   

Why is TOSPS more secure than speaking to my therapist over a free video service?

Our video portal uses a recognised secure service called TOKbox and not a proprietary free video service such as SKYPE, for example. 

TOKbox encrypts all media traffic independent of endpoint (web app or mobile device) and session setup (multiparty or peer to peer (P2P)). This ensures communication security integrity even when connected through a public open hotspot. It has been written by industry experts, is based on proven standards and has been used in commercial products for many years. 

Using a product such as Skype does not provide a secure environment for confidential communiques. Skype is device dependent and therefore is not secure for all devices and therefore puts your data at risk.