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National Technology Awards 2017 : Shortlist Published: Press release

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Date 16/03/2017 



The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop had been shortlisted for the Healthcare Technology of the Year category of the National Technology Awards 2017. Since its launch two years ago the One Stop Psychotherapy Shop has gone from strength to strength. The Site which was launched with the idea of providing counselling services 24/7 365 days a year via aa secure HD video link, now has over 170 full time counsellors and therapists and delivers live sessions to its clients anywhere in the world on a daily basis. is listed as the only truly online mental health care clinic with NHS choices online, and is the only clinic which operates the Cyber Security Seal designed to ensure the very highest of standards of patient care and security. As well as being the leading supplier of digital mental health care in the UK, is also leading the way with digital therapy training, having recently being accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development for its training courses.


Bernadette Bruckner founder and CEO said: “we are extremely proud to have been shortlisted for this award; it stands as further testament to the hard work and commitment shown by our entire team of professionals who work behind the scenes to ensure we are always available to help those most in need, no matter where they are and whenever they need us. We are committed to quality of service and innovation when it comes to our services and these are driven by one element, our client’s and their needs and feedback”


The National Technology Awards, hosted by FStech Magazine, are the showcase for the leaders of technology. The National Technology Awards were created to allow the technology sector to shine, celebrating the pioneers of new technology and to help drive standards and encourage excellence. 

The winners will be determined by an independent judging panel and announced at the National Technology Awards Gala and Dinner on 17 May 2017 at the Millennium Hotel London Mayfair.


About the Awards:

The National Technology Awards represent the pinnacle of best practice, a fantastic gala dinner, entertainment and the chance to network with the industry’s finest. Bringing our experience together we have created the arena for all technologies, where the very best can be judged.


Find out more: 07710573406
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National Technology Awards 2017

12 Jan

Digital mental health

posted by Bernadette
In the UK, 38 million adults access the internet every day.1 That's 76% of the adult population. On average, internet users aged 16 and over spends more than 20 hours online each week and more than 70% have a social networking profile.
With this growth of the internet, online spaces and smartphone apps, healthcare services are beginning to use these developing technologies to help monitor health and prevent and treat any problems. Digital health (or e-health as it's sometimes known) is a wide and varying concept that includes the use of technology for digital record keeping, online booking systems, online repeat prescriptions and some more innovative uses of technology for direct treatment.3

While applicable to physical health, there have been strides towards the use of digital health for mental health as a way to use IT to support and improve mental health, including the use of online resources, social media and smartphone applications.4 Digital mental health has been associated with benefits such as improved access to services, including online self-help and reduced barriers such as stigma.5

Evidence suggests that e-health provides the potential for reaching clients in accessible and meaningful ways.6 Although there is evidence for the effectiveness of e-mental health services, a recent study found that the majority of people are not aware of web-based therapies and that there is low awareness of e-mental health more widely.7

What is digital mental health?
Online self-help

Not everyone will feel they need or are ready to speak to someone for professional help. An alternative is to engage with some of the many online resources to allow people to engage with self-help. This could involve using information to understand mental health, using online self-management guides or using message boards or online programmes for direct support.8

Online self-help resources can be used in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule and pace, and there is no waiting list - so they are more practical for many people.9 Your GP may be able to prescribe online self-help resources or local charities may have resources available.

Some online self-help sources do come at a cost therefore it may be helpful to speak to your GP or a professional who can advise you which sources work for which mental health problems.


E-therapies are programmes that use the internet or mobile devices to deliver interactive interventions for preventing and treating depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

E-therapies most commonly use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are typically undertaken over several weeks or months. They usually involve users completing modules or exercises while receiving feedback on their progress.10,11 This type of therapy may use message boards, instant messenger with a therapist, or offer live therapy via video-calling platforms such as Skype.

E-therapies show considerable clinical benefits, especially in the treatment of depression and anxiety, and are recommended in the UK for depression and anxiety by NICE.12

Blended care

Blended care involves a combination of face-to-face treatment with online sessions. This could be online treatment sessions with structured delivery and monitoring of the core treatment information and exercises, alongside additional face-to-face sessions. In the face-to-face sessions, therapists can offer customised treatment by responding to the patient's needs, problems or wishes in real time.13

This approach is believed to be of benefit as it allows direct contact with a therapist, however the online element helps to encourage patients to take an active role in treatment that can help support the development of self-management skills.14

Online information

The Department of Health’s information strategy, which sets out the 10-year framework for transforming information for the NHS, public health and social care, notes that information must be viewed as a service in its own right.15

Research has found that over 90% of adults with internet access use search engines to find information, therefore the majority of us use online sources in some way to help us make decisions.16 Of young adults aged 18-29 who look up health information online, 33% looked up information about mental health issues, 38% looked up information on prescription or over-the-counter drugs, and 34% looked up alternative treatments or medicines.17

In addition, it has been found that those with a mental health diagnosis use the internet to search for information about their diagnosis, different treatment options and medication side effects.18 With evidence suggesting an increased demand for online health resources it is important for those supporting vulnerable individuals to ensure that the quality of online services is maintained.19

Why use digital mental health?
There at many reasons someone might want to use e-mental health services:20

Digital mental health resources can be available around the clock therefore can fit around your timings and schedule.
As services can be accessed online via a computer, smartphone or tablet, digital mental health can be used for anyone who doesn’t want to work face-to-face with a therapist, or anyone who finds it difficult to live home (i.e. because of agoraphobia or social phobia).
As talking therapies can often have waiting lists, these services can be used when waiting for face-to-face services. Rather than replacing traditional services, e-mental health resources can offer support during these waiting times.
Being online means that services can be offered to people in rural areas who may find it difficult to access services face-to-face due to long distances.
Online or blended approaches are likely to be cost effective, and can possibly reduce the direct costs of treatment compared to treatment as usual.
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15 Dec

UK Mental Health Care Clinic Offers President Elect Trump Free Therapy for 6 Months to Help with Transition into New Job

posted by Bernadette

Back in November One Stop Psychotherapy ( reported a huge surge in Americans visiting their online clinic looking for therapy in relation to anxiety, it was reported at the time that on the night of the US election results, that web traffic increased from an average of 100 US visitors a day to in excess of 3,500 visitors a day, a number which has remained static.

Similar stories have now been reported from the US, as you might expect US mental health care professionals from across country have reported a similar surge in people who are looking to meet with a counsellor or therapist so that they can deal with anxiety issues brought on as a direct result of the election.  It’s not uncommon for election cycles to cause anxiety, but mental health professionals say this year demand for their services has been particularly high, and may rise even further in January once the president elect has been sworn in.

Maria A. Oquendo, president of the American Psychiatric Association, told Market Watch the organisation has also noticed a surge in demand, stretching thin the country’s already-strained mental health resources.

“There have been a number of groups targeted in the campaign,” she said. “For those groups, it’s very frightening to know they are being targeted not just verbally but in other ways they are fearing for their livelihood and safety.”

However, the One Stop Psychotherapy Shop the UK’s fastest growing online Mental Health Care clinic has decided to offer its assistance directly to the top, Richard Fenton chief operating officer told us “We have decided to offer the President elect Donald Trump, six months of free online video counselling, we all know how stressful a new job can be and in Mr Trumps case he may be feeling particularly anxious as he doesn’t have any previous experience in the arena of world politics”.

“The president elect has also made some rather divisive comments during his campaign which have angered many sections of the community at large, he may now want to address some of the views and feelings he has towards others, and we are saying we can help, so we invite Mr Trump and any members of his administration to take up on our offer of 6 months’ worth of counselling and therapy, we can of course assure him that everything would be 100% confidential.

Richard also suggested that the President may benefit from more specific treatments, such as relationship counselling which could prove useful in terms of mending bridges with China after the call the Taiwan president, and could even help forge a better working relationship with Mexico.

It’s understood that the offer of free therapy has now been made via the Trump election team, but it remains to be seen if the offer of help will be accepted, after all Mr Trump like a good deal, and they don’t come much better than free. 

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07 Dec

One Stop Psychotherapy Acquires New Domains Across the Web

posted by Bernadette

One Stop Psychotherapy Acquires New Domains Across the Web

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17 Nov Crossing International Borders

posted by Bernadette Crossing International Borders

It’s been a little while since we checked in to give you all an update on how things are progressing with the team at the One Stop Psychotherapy Shop, so today I thought it would be a good idea to let you know about international developments and how we are now moving towards being a truly international provider of “online psychotherapy”  

For those of you who have been following our progress into the world of online therapy and video counselling, you will already be aware that our service is aimed at providing treatment without borders and in the last few weeks the One Stop Psychotherapy Shop, has truly become an international provider of online video counselling.

We have seen a spike of enquiries from a number of countries around the world from clients who are seeking late night instant counselling sessions, our research tells us that the vast majority of people who find us are in need of instant access to counselling and psychotherapy and thankfully they are managing to find and connect with us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our research also tells us that we are not just crossing international lines with countries just like the UK, but we are crossing borders into countries from all parts of the cultural spectrum, people in need of late night instant counselling sessions and who are specifically looking for online video counselling and psychotherapy come from counties such as:

·         America

·         Canada

·         Australia

·         China

·         Russia

·         India

·         France

·         Brazil

·         Spain

·         Germany

·         Malaysia

·         Austria

One interesting statistic that has caught our eye at head office, is the fact that since the result of the US election on the 9th of November, we have seen the number of visitors from the USA almost triple overnight and that number has remained static for a week.

Our aim is to become a world leader when it comes to providing online therapy and counselling, and to do this we need the support of people like you, we would like to thank each and every person who uses the site, whether you are a client or a therapist providing counselling and therapy online, and we look forward to sharing with you news of our continued growth and success in the months to come. 

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24 Oct

WOW What a year we have had.

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New Changes to our web site and launch of new courses coming this summer and winter at Tosps

We have listened carefully to the needs of our members and worked hard to implement some new modules and changes on the web site.

New courses coming soon at TOSPS

Tosps will be launching its series of new training courses across a wide variety of topics this Summer.

Starting in July at the Isbourne Holistic center in cheltenham we will roll out our bespoke cyber security course to counsellors working online. Please see our forthcoming events page for more details.

During August we will see the launch of the "Without prejudices" 6 week course, covering workshops on how to deal with your own prejudices and client prejudices, this deep and taboo subject with cover counseling in multicultural society, nationwide and overseas

Our train the trainer courses will launch in September and I will write in more detail about this endorsed course shortly.

Also in September we are launching a workgroup for young people 17 to 21 to teach them adult life skills and offer a safe place to meet to be taught essential skills like banking, baking, form filling, and all the essential practical skills that so often do not get taught in school or in the home. watch out for more information on this.

Our web site has also recently developed a new module that will allow your clients to contact you with any questions they might have for you prior to making a booking with you, clients will also be able to send you a file and you can respond to them instantly to help secure the booking. The new module will be found on your profile page under your blogs, but a link to it will be clearly displayed under your green "book this therapist" link

The launch of our new Cyber security seal award certificate and exam is now on the site, you can take the test any time just click on the link for cyber security.

Why not visit our Cyber education hub and learn more about internet security .

Members will also notice in their admin area that they can now set their payment currency into different foreign currencies. making it easier for them to accept payment in euro and usd along will all major currencies.

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08 Jul

new courses

posted by Bernadette

New courses coming this summer and winter at Tosps 

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08 Jan

Life Insurance and Mental Health our Guide

posted by Bernadette

Our friends over at  the web site  " Doesn't grow on trees"  posted this informative article this morning concerning life insurance for mental health patients.

After posting our guidance on Life Insurance and how important it is to have cover, especially if you have a family or dependents, one of my twitter friends asked me this question:

“Hi Richard, any guidance on who would provide life insurance cover with a schizophrenia diagnosis? Son is 34 and no life insurance. No worries if you can’t reply

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16 Dec

Stamp Stamp Stamp out the stigma of mental health

posted by Bernadette

The DIY plaster v mental health  The recent high profile news articles by the BBC news concerning the inequality in treatment of mental health patients with celebrities like Emma Thompson, Comedian Frank Skinner, presenter Graham Norton , Ruby Wax and Dawn French , now taking up the cause is close to our own hearts here at The stamp out the stigma campaign will no doubt be of enormous benefit to both stamping out the stigma and applying pressure to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to do more. When you have a minor cut you often reach for a plaster, especially if it is bleeding. The symbolism of the plaster indicates to everyone you are hurt, it matters not how hurt you are just that that you have injured yourself, and the plaster is the visible sign and warning to others , to be careful with the injured area. That insignificant little plaster will often invite an enquiry as to what happened, how are you healing, are you in pain, do you need another plaster, oh ...

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26 Jun

A big welcome to our Membership team

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The One stop psychotherapy shop is delighted to introduce you to our New Membership Team department

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