26 Jun

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A big welcome to our Membership team

The One stop psychotherapy shop is delighted to introduce you to our New Membership Team department

    MIRIAM         KIRSTY    JADE

We are very proud to present to our Clients, Psychotherapists and Counsellors the Team in our Membership department, who deal with all your enquiries relating to membership at Miriam, Kirsty and Jade are the powerhouse behind dealing with the daily phone calls and questions our members may have, they efficiently and dedicatedly guide all new members through the registration process for new membership and are on hand to answer questions.  Their knowledge and work load is varied and heavy but they perform it always in their own special style, using their skills and dedication in ensuring the membership process for our new clients be stress free, exciting and successful.

Over the next few weeks the team will be making contact with Counsellors and Psychotherapists all across the UK to introduce our service. Helping us grow the company to be able to truly provide and bring to the public a great platform upon which people can access therapy easily via our web site. Ultimately  these ladies will be working in a pioneering role as they assist new members register and become comfortable with providing counselling and psychotherapy using Face to Face engagement via video on modern day technology like smart phones, I phones, tablets. of course laptop and Pc's .

 If you can assist them by introducing or referring your colleagues to them ,who may be wishing to expand their practice or services as Counsellors or Psychotherapists and looking for a safe and secure way to provide online therapy , please do feel free to phone them on our membership line 03301 000 853 or e mail

Our Team would now like to introduce their selves to you and say a few personal words about themselves, so that when you make that call to register for membership at , you will of course be able to put a face to the name of your assistant during your call.

HI I’m Jade I’m 22 & from Glasgow. One of my main interests is travelling as I love discovering new places to visit as the world is such a massive place there is always new thing to see and do. I love that this gives the opportunity to meet new people as I’m a really sociable person. I find this project really interesting as I studied business at University and am looking forward to developing the business as a sales person. I have a really positive outlook on life and love talking to new people so I look forward to helping people discover this new and exciting platform.

I am an optimist for there is not much use being anything else- Winston Churchill.

Hi I'm Kirsty I am 22 years old from
Glasgow in Scotland. I am a big nature and animal lover which makes me travel to see different things. I am off to South Africa in August to volunteer with lions for 2 weeks which will be a really good life experience as I love doing things that are out the box. Rawrrr. Being a very positive bubbly person makes me enjoy being a part of this new exciting prospect made possible by two lovely ladies who have opened up a whole new world of therapy available to everyone. I am buzzing to see where this will go in the future.

Hi, My name’s Miriam and I am 27.

I love to travel and meet new people from all walks of life, I have recently worked in South Korea as a nanny and worked in childcare through fostering and After school care. My main aim in Life is that whatever I do, I am making a positive difference for the future, for myself and others. This is why I am loving being a part of this new Project in The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions about our wonderful service....