07 Dec

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One Stop Psychotherapy Acquires New Domains Across the Web

One Stop Psychotherapy Acquires New Domains Across the Web

The One Stop Psychotherapy shop has announced today that it has acquired a number of major .com domain names from a number of companies around the world, as part of its plans to open up its services to the world-wide population offering online video therapy 24/7 365 days a year.

These acquisitions represent a major move by one of the fastest growing Health-Tech companies currently out there, Chief Operating Officer Richard Fenton said “2016 has been a big year for we are now one of the largest mental health care clinics in the UK whilst at the same time growing at a rapid rate in our overseas territories   such as the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

  Our aim in 2017 is to reach over 1 million people worldwide and offer them first class mental health care at any time of day or night via our online secure video counselling network, whilst ensuring that we offer private clients the best possible rates and making our services available where possible via the NHS and other public health bodies”.

Online therapy has seen a rapid growth around the world as more and more people are looking to see a therapist instantly or at the very least receive treatment for mental health issues on the same day, the One Stop Psychotherapy Shop has been on the front line of this new age of modern living Mental Health Care, and is fast becoming a household name in quality online therapy, and as such many observers will not be surprised by this bold move into further growth, the new acquisitions announced today include some big names and include:

First Response Therapy .com

Online Video Counselling .com

I Need Counselling Now .com

I Need Therapy

Instant Psychotherapy .com

Online Video Counselling .com

Video Psychotherapy Online .com

All of the named acquisitions have now been taken in under the domain and will form part of the One Stop Psychotherapy Shop Ltd branded mental health companies, although the sums invested remain confidential at this time it is reported to be significant and plans for more acquisitions in the coming months are already underway. It would seem that are set to be a major provider of quality online mental health care across the globe, our advice is don’t just watch this space, but join it.