15 Dec

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UK Mental Health Care Clinic Offers President Elect Trump Free Therapy for 6 Months to Help with Transition into New Job



Back in November One Stop Psychotherapy ( reported a huge surge in Americans visiting their online clinic looking for therapy in relation to anxiety, it was reported at the time that on the night of the US election results, that web traffic increased from an average of 100 US visitors a day to in excess of 3,500 visitors a day, a number which has remained static.

Similar stories have now been reported from the US, as you might expect US mental health care professionals from across country have reported a similar surge in people who are looking to meet with a counsellor or therapist so that they can deal with anxiety issues brought on as a direct result of the election.  It’s not uncommon for election cycles to cause anxiety, but mental health professionals say this year demand for their services has been particularly high, and may rise even further in January once the president elect has been sworn in.

Maria A. Oquendo, president of the American Psychiatric Association, told Market Watch the organisation has also noticed a surge in demand, stretching thin the country’s already-strained mental health resources.

“There have been a number of groups targeted in the campaign,” she said. “For those groups, it’s very frightening to know they are being targeted not just verbally but in other ways they are fearing for their livelihood and safety.”

However, the One Stop Psychotherapy Shop the UK’s fastest growing online Mental Health Care clinic has decided to offer its assistance directly to the top, Richard Fenton chief operating officer told us “We have decided to offer the President elect Donald Trump, six months of free online video counselling, we all know how stressful a new job can be and in Mr Trumps case he may be feeling particularly anxious as he doesn’t have any previous experience in the arena of world politics”.

“The president elect has also made some rather divisive comments during his campaign which have angered many sections of the community at large, he may now want to address some of the views and feelings he has towards others, and we are saying we can help, so we invite Mr Trump and any members of his administration to take up on our offer of 6 months’ worth of counselling and therapy, we can of course assure him that everything would be 100% confidential.

Richard also suggested that the President may benefit from more specific treatments, such as relationship counselling which could prove useful in terms of mending bridges with China after the call the Taiwan president, and could even help forge a better working relationship with Mexico.

It’s understood that the offer of free therapy has now been made via the Trump election team, but it remains to be seen if the offer of help will be accepted, after all Mr Trump like a good deal, and they don’t come much better than free.