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Fredric Seldin

Licensed Psycholgist

Religon: Non-religious
Languages spoken: English

Specialisms include:

  • Marriage Counselling Therapy

Hourly rate: GBP235.00

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I have treated thousands of people over the 35 years that I have practiced psychotherapy as a psychologist. However, I have never encountered two histories, stories, or narratives that were the same, not even close. This has been true despite the many overlaps that do exist in the demographics, family of origin constellations, presenting emotional/behavioral problems, and/or personality types, of the people that have come to seek help from me. Each of us is unique and so I strive to identify and support the uniqueness that I encounter in each of my clients.  The therapy I offer is person-centered as I have never been a fan of labels, diagnostic or otherwise, or have I been drawn to the many therapy fads that I have seen come and go over the years. Rather, I am most interested in helping people develop and strengthen their own sense of themselves so they can thrive as individuals and more effectively cope with the unpredictable, and sometimes unkind, forces in love and work that we all have to contend with. I regard resolution of your presenting problem as the guiding compass for determining whether the therapy is effective rather than being tied to particular therapeutic techniques. Many of the individuals that I have seen began therapy because of a personal or relationship crisis and then determined that more self-understanding was advisable even after the crisis had stabilized. Starting points are less important than ending points.



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