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I thought your website was secure - why do I need to run a security check for safe practice?

Your online practices affect the security of your own pc, laptop or other connected device. We will help you establish safe online practices for your own PC /Laptop or other connected devices for communicating with your clients. is a secure web service that provides the above credentials and offers its therapists the facility to gain security accreditation via an online tool supplied by Proxicon. 

What is a HTTPS Web site . is a HTTPS website. Web browsers know how to trust HTTPS websites based on certificate authorities that come pre-installed in their software. Certificate authorities (such as Symantec, Comodo, GoDaddy and GlobalSign) are in this way being trusted by web browser creators to provide valid certificates. Therefore, a user should trust a HTTPS connection to a website if and only if all of the following are true:

The user trusts that the browser software correctly implements HTTPS with correctly pre-installed certificate authorities.
The user trusts the certificate authority to vouch only for legitimate websites.
The website provides a valid certificate, which means it was signed by a trusted authority.
The certificate correctly identifies the website (e.g., when the browser visits "", the received certificate is properly for "" and not some other entity).

The user trusts that the protocol's encryption layer (SSL/TLS) is sufficiently secure against eavesdroppers

How will my clients know that I operate my online practice safely?

When you have completed your online questionnaire your responses will be evaluated and when a successful outcome has been achieved, your homepage  gallery image will be updated with our security seal and your image will be ranked toward the top of the page for your clients to easily find you.

I know that while I am in the TOSPS web  portal my client and I are secure, but, I would like to fully understand online cyber security in more detail, what can I do to learn a bit more?

First of all, don’t be concerned – you are not alone! We are here to help you. We have written an IT Glossary that explains all the IT terms we use when we consider using a connected device. Secondly, we regularly hold our very popular online security workshop where you can learn the importance of website and video service security . At the end of each workshop you will be in a better position to operate your practice online in a safe and secure manner. You can find details of our workshops on our "Forthcoming events" page. where you can book a space on the next workshop or check when we will be running a workshop in a location near you.

Our workshop will cover the following :

An introduction workshop to providing online video counselling skills that will be incorporating cyber security and working ethically online.

This course will cover a wide variety of topics for practitioners of all levels. This course is for Therapists ,Practitioners  and Psychotherapists who work online or anyone considering providing online counselling via video link.
You will be able to explore video counselling in greater detail, take part in discussions of problems and issues. Talk about the difference between the practice room and the cyber room behaviour of clients.
watch demonstrations and partake in practical exercises designed to educate and increase confidence when working online

The course will also cover cyber security in great detail, a practical workshop on how to implement security to comply with HIPAA standards certification and cyber essentials. 
The workshop  will demonstrate how an online cyber room can work, introducing the fundamental difference between using a skype device verses RTC (Real time communication software)

At the end of the course you will be provided with the options to:

Register for a cyber seal of security certificate for your website/practice. This will show your clients that your PC, laptop is cyber secure. 

Be invited to registered as a member of The one stop psychotherapy shop ltd 

Receive a certificate to show your  attendance as part of your continued personal development.

Workshop content

Online Video Counselling skills
Practice room V Cyber room skills
Skype v Real Time Communication (Web RTC)
HIPAA Compliance, what it is and how to ensure you are compliant.
(Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act)
Understand Cyber security: Viruses, Encryption, Passwords, Data security, You will be shown how to encrypt documents , set great passwords, set your Firewalls correctly. The basics of computer security needed to ensure your clients are protected while on line.
Technical Ethical Standards
Video demonstrations and exercises
Classification of documentation
Tips on how to handle the unexpected when online
Professional Competency
Safeguarding your client.